Christmas 2020 – A Message from the S-PA

It’s been a strange year, hasn’t it? Full of ups and downs and unprecedented times. It’s been understandably hard for everyone. But through everything that’s happened, Sheffield is still here. We’ve pulled together in beautiful ways.

It’s the small things – the Zoom quizzes, reaching out to friends over text. A socially distanced walk in the park when we can, a phone call when we can’t. For everything we’ve had to give up, Sheffield has kept on going. Sheffielders have outdone themselves. We stayed home. We taught children, worked in new ways. We’ve supported local businesses, too. We’ve done our bit to keep others safe. We’ve not moaned (for the most part).

March, pre-lockdown. All at once, it feels like an age and also just a moment ago. Now, it’s December (when did that happen?). Christmas. It feels different. Of course it does, we’ve lived through a moment in history. Our lives have changed in just a matter of months.

While everything seems so unsure, one thing holds true: it’s the people that make Sheffield what it is. Sheffield’s defining moments have always been people pulling together. Now is one of those moments. It’s high time that we forgot about the politics, the arguments and the gripes. It’s time to pull together and help Sheffield recover to the best of our ability. In fact, let’s not stop there. Let’s make Sheffield better than it’s ever been.

Keep your friends and family close. Reach out to those you can. Make a difference whenever and wherever you’re able.

We’ll get through this – together.

Merry Christmas. Hanukkah Sameach. Happy Holidays.