The Sheffield Race Equality Commission Final Report

Our next EDI event on 22 September will focus on the Race Equality Commission report – looking at the conclusions raised in it, and the actions arising out of that for Sheffield’s key institutions. We’ll hear from Commissioners involved in the process and drafting, as well as key Sheffield stakeholders about what they’ve learned and how they’re working to create change.

We’ll be focusing on how we can take the recommendations forward, and the impact we can make (as an organisation, but also as individuals and businesses active in the city).  In order to do that, it may help attendees to get the most from the event to read the report or executive summary.

We’ve worked with Commissioners to create the below, very short, summary of the report; it should provide the content and context to those who wish to read in prior to the event.

Our thanks to Olivier Tsemo and Sonia Gayle, key figures from the Race Equality Commission who have helped significantly with this piece and have made ongoing and valued contributions.

You can also download this information as a PDF here: Commission Final Report – One Pager